One thousand and one uses for a sandwich bag with Ziploc Coupons 2013

Ziploc started out as a sandwich bag but consumers realized they can do so much more than hold their favorite BLT’s. They are waterproof, so they can also hold ice. They are tough, so they can hold blocks, pens, even clothing (squeeze air out for that vacuum packed effect). They are also re-usable which means you can store stuff in it again and again.

Use coupons to purchase lots of this versatile plastic bag and save a few bucks so you can buy more Ziploc bags!

Sealing the deal with Ziploc Coupons 2013

Coupons are great ways to get discounts when buying Ziploc. A person can get 50cents to a dollar discount on this innovative product. Just present the coupon upon check out to get your discount.

ziploc couponsSome promos include free Ziploc bags, so be sure to hold on to these so you can get these wonder bags at no extra cost. Be sure to read the fine print on your coupon – not all stores will honor coupons so it is still better to do your research.

Waterproof your savings with Ziploc Coupons 2013

You can get Ziploc coupons from or coupons section and grab the one you like, but another option is your friendly neighborhood department stores and supermarkets. Most stores have inserts or coupon booklets which is sure to contain coupons.

Ziploc belongs to the same manufacturer as Kiwi, Pledge and Glade, which is S.C. Johnson.To get better chances of scoring coupons for Ziploc, purchase S.C. Johnson products.

The Ziploc website has a special portion for “Promos and Coupons”. Just visit this page to arm yourself with the latest deals from Ziploc.You can also sign up for Right@Home to get exclusive deals and promos for all S.C. Johnson products. All promos and deals will be sent straight to your inbox so there is no need for you to visit the website.

Ziploc Coupons 2013 helps you bag your savings

Enjoy $0.50 on any one Ziploc Bag or container. You can get $1 discount when buying two Ziploc brand products. This is handy when you need to purchase different sizes of Ziploc bags.

Watch out for freebies! Get free Saran Plastic Wrap or Ziploc Brand Bags or Containers when you have the right coupon.

Get more out of your Ziploc Coupons 2013

You will always get great deals with Ziploc due to its tons of uses. Do you know that an average Ziploc bag can stand up to 16 washes? This is until the seams on the side give out. The trick is to use Ziplocs around the house as much as you can. You won’t be saving much if you just use them as sandwich bags and throw them away.

With a $1 discount, a person can save more than $50 a year in Ziploc bags. You save more since you do not buy any other plastic containers – just use the Ziplocs you currently have.

Freebie coupons are the real life savers when you want to cut expenses. With these coupons, you can save more than $72 reusing and recycling what you got for free!