Get a Clean Mouth with Sonicare Coupon 2013

Philips has manufactured a new, revolutionary type of electric tooth brushnamed the Sonicare toothbrush. What’s amazing about this toothbrush is that it vibrates more than a hundred timesevery second, equalling to 31,000 strokes every minute.

Having a healthy smile helps out a lot of people, giving them confidence they might not have had before. Philips’ therefore invented Sonicare Coupon 2013, to offer customers amazing deals and benefits. People can thus save money while getting a cleaner mouth.

More on Sonicare Coupon 2013

sonicare couponSince regular toothbrushes are much cheaper than electric toothbrushes, Philips has decided to hand out coupons to its customers, in order to help them save whenever purchasing or engaging in Sonicare treatments.

Coupons such as this help people save in a number of ways. For example, the Sonicare Healthy White coupon allows couples to save $30 whenever buying a pack of two Healthy White rechargeable toothbrushes. Other coupons let you save 50% off of various Sonicare products.

Getting Hands on Your Own Sonicare Coupon 2013

Getting your own coupons is really easy. Simply search for these coupons on this article or by visiting Philips’ official website or Facebook page. Getting coupons from these reliable sites helps you make sure that the coupons you are printing out are 100% legit. It is also a good tip to keep an eye out on promos and coupons in newspapers and various magazines.

Using Your Sonicare Coupon 2013

There are a lot of ways and products you can use your newly attained Sonicare coupons for. The Sonicare Healthy White coupon for example, takes $30 off your bill whenever purchasing a pack of two Healthy White electric toothbrushes. Another coupons helps you save $10 whenever buying a Flexcare or Diamondclean toothbrush. You can also save another $10 when purchasing the Sonicare Airfloss. Other coupons even helps a user save as much as 50% off his/her total bill by slashing this price off whenever buying various oral hygienic products. There are also coupons for free shipping.

Save Money with Sonicare Coupon 2013

A person can save quite a bit of money through using these coupons. The exact amount ranges widely from person to person, depending mostly on how many products he/she buys and the amount and variety of coupons the person has.

The Healthy White and Diamondclean coupons help a user save up to $40 while another $10-15 are saved through free shipping and Airfloss coupons. The 50% off coupon helps out a lot as well, wherein a user only has to pay half the price of his/her Sonicare products.

Taking all of this into consideration, an average person may save as much as $30-$60 in 1-3 months or $90-$180 per year, depending on how many times a toothbrush is purchased.