Have a taste of gourmet burgers with Red Robin Coupons 2013

There are greasy burgers and there are gourmet burgers. If you want to have a taste of big, real, 100% beef patties with a healthy twist, Red Robin is the place to be. With lots of stores all over the United States, everyone enjoys its taste of simply delicious burgers. With Red Robin coupons, customers will have more reason to sink their teeth into Red Robin’s specialties.

Know your Red Robin Coupons 2013

Get a discount when you have spent a specific amount at Red Robin’s. For instance, when the total food bill is $20, you can avail of a $5 discount, bringing your food bill down to $15. At times, Red Robin will release coupons for $5.99 on any burgers. This means that any burger, no matter how large, how thick the filling, or whatever ingredients it contains, will only cost $5.99.

red robin couponsRed Robin’s best coupons are its freebie coupons, and Red Robin has its fair share of appetizers and desserts to give away.

Snip, download or print? How to get your Red Robin Coupons 2013

Most customers get their coupons from the same source – Our Red Robin Weekly updated coupons list or also the Red Robin website. When you sign up for free electronic updates, you get a free burger on your birthday and get special deals and discounts straight to your email. When signing up, you need to select the nearest Red Robin restaurant as menus may vary per location.

Aside from special birthday burgers, joining the rewards program has its other privileges – $20 discount on your 6th visit, every 10th item you spend on is free, other exclusive surprises

The best part begins in choosing which Red Robin Coupons 2013 to use

Footing the bill at Red Robin’s is easy with coupons. When your spending has reached $20 or more, you can use your $5 coupon to get a discount. For spending $15, you can also avail of $3 discount, reducing your bill to a measly $12.

One of the best coupons Red Robin gives out are the $5.99 Any Burger coupons. This means you can purchase your favorite Bleu Ribbon, Guacamole, or the famous Red Robin Gourmet Cheeseburger for only $5.99!

And who would ever forget the restaurant’s freebie coupons? Just present your coupon to your friendly server to get free Yukon Chips & French Onion Dip or Mountain High Mudd Pie.

How much can you save with Red Robin Coupons 2013?

The savings you accumulate depend on how often you dine at Red Robin’s. With a $3 coupon, the lucky bearer can easily save $36 in one year – enough to buy a couple of burgers.

The $5.99 Any Burger coupon saves the customer $2 to $5, depending on the burger purchased. These coupons are available for a limited time only but with this coupon, a customer can save a hefty $20 on burgers, depending on how many he orders.

When you use the free appetizer or dessert coupon every time you dine in, you easily save $3 to $7. A year’s worth of free appetizers can easily save the lucky coupon bearer $36 to $84.