Purex Coupon 2013: The first step in Clean

Purex started out selling liquid chlorine bleach in pint-sized amber jars in 1922. For over 90 years, they have become the leading laundry detergent brand with over 2 dozen products sold in the market today. Their quality products and marketing strategy has made them an instant hit with consumers. Now Purex has reached more homes with the introduction of coupons, making them more affordable.

Squeaky clean with Purex Coupon 2013

Purex is generous when it comes to giving product samples and discounts. Discounts range from half a dollar to $6. Just present the coupons at check out to get the discount.

purex-couponsFree coupons are available mostly for new Purex products launched. Other freebie coupons are under the condition that the free product does not exceed a certain value. For instance, a bottle of Purex baby detergent is free as long as its value does not exceed $5.

Purex Coupon 2013 says you can actually save on detergent

We have made it easy, by checking our Purex coupons List you will get a huge saving on the coupons you select also brand Purex has special access to promos, deals and coupons. Just visit their website and click on “Promotions”. The page consists of everything Purex you can get discounts on: sweepstakes, contests, apps and so much more.

While on this page, sign up for the newsletter to instantly get coupons right to your inbox. You can also receive samples in the mail, too.

Savings, pure and simple with Purex Coupon 2013

It’s time to gear up and prepare for Laundry Day. Get savings of $0.50 when you buy any one bottle of 50 oz. liquid laundry detergent. Doing the laundry for the whole family? Double your savings with $1 on any 2 Purex Liquid Detergent or PurexUltra Packs Detergents.

Better yet, why don’t you try a new Purex product so you can compare it with the bottle you currently own? Get a $6.00 discount on one bottle of new PurexPlus OXI detergent. Keep your eyes peeled for more coupons – this new Purex product is being given away for free, too.

Doing the laundry for your baby? Baby detergents are different from ordinary ones as they are gentler and more sensitive for your little one’s skin. Try it out by using a coupon for free bottle of Purex Baby Detergent (value not to exceed $5).

No need to tighten purse strings with Purex Coupons 2013

Nothing beats the feel and smell of freshly laundered clothes. This is what Purex brings and is the reason why millions use it. Also, they get unbelievable savings when using Purex coupons.

The average American family can save up to $26 year on $0.50 coupons, depending on how often they do their laundry (and how dirty they are in the first place). A larger household or clothes which has too much sweat, dirt or mud (say, kids who play soccer) may opt to use $1 coupons to save over $100 a year in laundry detergent.

Saving $6 for a bottle of PurexPlus OXI detergent can give you savings of up more than $150 a year. The best savings is when you get the bottle for free – a whopping almost $700 in savings for one year.