Have a nice breakfast with Panera Bread Coupons 2013

Bread has come a long way from the rock hard crusty loaves our forefathers used to make. Now, Panera bread has made breakfast an enjoyable affair thanks to their wide offering of paninis, soups, sandwhiches, salads and many more. To make them truly enjoyable, Panera offers discounts as well as free meals for lucky gift card holders when purchasing items from its store.

The inside stuff on Panera Bread Coupons 2013

A simple way to describe Panera’s coupon program is that it does not necessarily use hard copy coupons or coupon codes. They use rewards. And for a person to earn rewards, they have tosign up for the MyPanera Rewards program (joining is free). They will be given a MyPanera card to keep track of points a person has earned when visiting a Panera Bakery-Cafe. When using these cards, they can get rewards in the form of free meals – even suprise treats when they visit the store, just by showing their MyPanera card.panera bread coupons

Where you can get the juicy stuff: More Panera Bread Coupons 2013

By keeping track on this article you will be getting updated details and how to get coupons on Panera also it would be super to check the website for latest rewards you can use. All you need to do is scroll to the bottom of the Panera Bread website and click on MyPanera Rewards. This will take you to the MyPanera webpage where you can sign up to get surprises and offers first! When visiting one of Panera’s many bakery-cafe’s, ask a server if you are eligible for free rewards.

Panera also offers catering services. If you have enlisted their service for corporate functions or parties, you can ask them to throw in some free coupons you can use for future use.

Let the loaves multiply with Panera Bread Coupons 2013

Just by signing up for MyPanera Rewards, grants the bearer a free pastry. Every timehe dines at Panera or just buys any of their items on the menu – whether it is just tea or a cookie, lets him earn rewards. Sometimes, a person gets free lunch just by showing the card. Each reward is different, which is part of Panera’s element of surprise.

Always remember to have the cashier swipe the card for the purchase to count.

Panera Bread Coupons 2013 lets you count your blessings

Free food is always a blessing and this is what Panera Bread offers with its program. Every item a person buys from its many stores, it takes him closer to a free reward.Another advantage to this is these cardsaretransferrable;one can even give them as gifts. A friend or family member can use the card when dining at Panera, so a person can earn rewards on their purchases. This increases the number of times he gets free food. Depending on how often these cards are used, a person can get at least one free meal per month which can total around $5 – $10. This can reach up to $100 worth of free food a year.