Head straight for the golden arches with McDonald Coupons 2013

Everyone has fond memories of McDonalds. For some, it is the first burger joint they remember going to. Later on, this is where they experienced their first paycheck. Others dropped by McDonalds for a quick Egg McMuffin fix before going to work while some got Chicken McNuggets to go for lunch. And the most important part is, they were able to save a few bucks using coupons at least once in their lives.

McDonalds Coupons 2013: A nugget of truth

Most coupons available for customers are either freebie coupons or Buy One Get One coupons. For freebie coupons, you get an outright product — such as a burger or a shake – for free. A Buy One Get One coupon lets you have two items for the price of one.

McDonald CouponsThere are thousands of McDonald’s branches all across the world, so be sure to double check the coupon you are holding. They may only be valid for a particular restaurant.

McDonald Coupons 2013 knows why everyone’s lovin’ it.

Everyone has come across a McDonalds coupons at one point or another. So for finding these coupons is just easy as checking our list around this article and choose the one you love to have.

Another place to get coupons is the calendar. At the start of the year, McDonald’s gives away free calendars with coupons inside. It’s also a good idea to visit the McDonald’s website to learn about the latest promos (just click on “Promotions”).

Ronald tells you what your savings are with McDonald Coupons 2013

Craving for McCafe smoothies? Get a free Dollar Menu Item at Breakfast with every purchase of a small McCafe smoothie. Speaking of smoothies, you can buy one McCafe Frappe, Smoothie, or Espresso Beverage and get another one absolutely free!

If hungry, grab a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, and get free medium fries and medium fountain drink.

If you are into salads, then have some company because it’s your lucky day –buy one premium entrée salad and get another one free.

For freebies, get the following items for free: small Ice Mocha, free breakfast, lunch or dinner Extra Value Meal and Frappe Smoothie(Valid only at St Louis Metro East McDonalds).

Muffin comes close to the savings you get with McDonald Coupons 2013

Nothing beats having money left over after a heavy meal or refreshing smoothie. A free Dollar Menu item can save you $7 a week, depending on how often you have a smoothie at McDonald’s. Having a smoothie once a week can easily save you $52 on meals in a year.

Another deal saver is the set of sides which comes with buying Quarter Pounder with cheese sandwiches: medium fries and medium beverage. Depending on how often you have Quarter Pounders with cheese, you can easily save more than $150 annually from free fries and beverages.

Free Extra Value Meals can mean the most out of your savings while having a full stomach. Again, the savings will depend on how often you have these meals. Annually, it can reach to about $260 in savings.