Maybe it’s the Maybelline Coupons 2013

Maybelline is the #1 selling drugstore cosmetic in the market today. With over thousands of stalls in the United States offering countless varieties of cosmetics from hair color to nail lacquer, everyone easily identifies with the brand. With coupons, Maybelline’s sales have skyrocketed even further.

Available discounts with Maybelline Coupons 2013

Maybelline products are always of high quality but inexpensive. The best coupons the brand offers are $1 off coupons which already slashes the original price greatly given its price point.

Where to hoard Maybelline Coupons 2013

maybelline coupons

The updated list of Maybelline Coupons could be found here on this website or also by visiting the Maybelline website and sign up for their newsletters as most of the coupons, deals, promotions and events are sent via email. Next, logon to Facebook and scan Maybelline’s Wall and search for deals uploaded on their site. You may also want to browse through their photo albums to catch coupons onsite.
Before buying a stick of mascara or purchasing your favorite shade of mineral powder, ask the beauty advisers behind the counter for any coupons you can use on your purchase.

Everyday is a good day to use your Maybelline Coupons 2013

The most popular deal at present are $1 off coupons which showed up on everything from magazines, newspapers, supermarket circulars and counter top catalogues. The latest trend to hit the street is Maybelline’s New York line which they have aggressively campaigned. With this, they are happy to present their $1 off coupon on any item that belongs to their New York line – mascara, eyeshadows, eyeliner and nail lacquer. Almost everyone has a coupon like this as Maybelline offers them while supplies last.

Check if any coupon requires you to purchase a specific dollar amount before you can avail of the discount. This will give you time to double check your cosmetic bag and see which items you are running out. You do not want to end up buying another lip gloss when you are running out of concealer.

Shop and stock up with Maybelline Coupons 2013

Stocking up is the best way to save money using Maybelline’s $1 off coupons, especially on mascara. Mascaras have a shelf life of only 3 months when opened — which means that the coupon can save you anywhere from $4 to $6 on a year’s supply of mascara (depending on how often you use them).

Buying in bulk using $1 off coupons can save you a lot of money in buying cosmetics which have a very long shelf life, too. Eyeliners and eyeshadows, for example, have a shelf life of 3 years. If you purchase eyeshadows in bulk, you may save up to $12 to $16 – but the truth is you have have saved around $50 since you will never be purchasing eye make up again, not for another 3 years anyway. Lipsticks last a whopping 4 years, depending on storing conditions. It may last even longer, but once it smells funny before its deadline, you should throw it away.

Buying a full set of mascara, eye make up and lipstick in bulk can save you around $20 or more, depending on how many items you bought.