Everybody deserves a taste of the perfect pancake! Do so with IHOP Coupons 2013

IHOP has revolutionized the humble pancake into a gourmet pastry. With countless stores around the world, IHOP has certainly changed the way we have this favorite American breakfast. IHOP has joined the coupon bandwagon for quite some time now and many pancake lovers now enjoy IHOP meals at more affordable prices.

The Sweet Reveal: IHOP Coupons 2013

There are so many IHOP coupons as there are pancakes, so it is not very hard to miss out on these. Take your pick from $1 off, $1.50 off, Buy 1 Get 1 or freebie coupons. There are hundreds of IHOP branches in the United States alone so you need to double check if some of the coupons in your possession can be used on another state or another IHOP branch.

Collect IHOP Coupons 2013

The best way to get the coupons is by looking on the updated list in this website also when dining at IHOP, ask for coupons or see if your receipt comes with them. IHOP but sometimes tie-up with other establishments or even sponsor events so you can check our any partner stores or IHOP events for coupons.

ihop couponsTake some time to visit the IHOP website for the latest deals. It would not hurt to check their Facebook page, too.

There can never be too much discounts at IHOP Coupons 2013

It is common for your head to swim with these many coupons.The latest coupon from IHOP is their Frozen Breakfast Coupon. Some coupons take $1 off from these while other coupons take $1.50 off.

If you are bringing a friend, it would be a good idea to have a coupon for a Complimentary Menu Item. To avail of a free meal, a menu item and two beverages should have been purchased. Another coupon to use with a friend is a Buy 1 take 1 coupon for lunch or dinner. The cheaper meal is the free one.

If guests are bringing kids, there is a coupon for free kids’ meal for every dinner entree.

Another coupon entails a lucky bearer to 15% off the total bill. If your total bill is $15 or more, enjoy $2 off with a coupon.

Finally, if you simply want free pancakes come and get the coupon for free Short-Stack of Buttermilk pancakes. Enjoy!

Take advantage of savings you accumulated with IHOP Coupons 2013

If you have a coupon for every meal you had at IHOP, this means one thing – you will never pay full price everytime you dine there again. For every 6 coupons you will come across, half of them will be for free meals (as compliments or free meal outright). The amount you saved will simply depend on how much the free meal is worth. Now who doesn’t want free food?

Now, having 15% off the total bill is not bad either – imagine paying only $42.5 for a meal worth $50. Your tummy is full while your pockets are $7.50 happier. Let’s say this is the only coupon you have and you dine at IHOP at least once a week, this means over $300 worth of savings in a year!