Never throw money away on inkjet cartridges again with HP Ink Coupons 2013

Hewlett Packard started in 1939 in a garage in Palo Alto, California. Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard may not have imagined that their partnership would grow into a multi-million dollar company and eventually become the world’s leader in computer manufacturing. HP has revolutionized ink jet printers, making them more affordable to consumers. The inkjet printers make use of individual cartridges used to deploy ink to paper. Once the cartridge runs out of ink, a new cartridge has to be purchased. Today, HP introduces coupons to consumers to make the cartridges more affordable.

HP Ink Coupons 2013 helps drive printing costs down

hp ink couponsHP offers coupon discounts to make the cartridges less expensive. A person can enjoy as much as 10% off the cartridge price. Also, different discounts can be given depending where the cartridge was bought – either in-store or online. For example, a person can get $15 off a certain item bought in the store, or get the same $15 discount for buying an item online. It’s like a 2-in-1 coupon.

Collecting HP Ink Coupons 2013

It’s time to save money with our HP Coupons list or also the Hewlett-Packard website not only contains the usual information for their computers and printers, software downloads and support – but is also happens to be a coupon mine! Just log on to the HP Savings Center to get coupons for anything under the sun.

Also, when purchasing other office supplies, check if HP ink coupons are attached. Some reams of paper contain HP ink coupons. Lastly, check computer or other technology magazines for coupon, too.

Make sure that the coupons you are holding will be honored in the store where you plan to use it. Some coupon can only be used in specific stores, such as OfficeMax.

At last! Getting your more than your money’s worth with HP Ink Coupons 2013

A person can save 10% off the HP Store. This coupon gives the bearer a 10% discount on all HP products – printers, laptops and of course, ink. If you only want to purchase ink, avail of the $2 discount off HP ink.

OfficeMax offers a $15 discount for HP ink cartridges bought in-store and online. A $75 purchase of other OfficeMax items should be purchased in-store to avail of the discount, or spend $24.99 on 3 HP ink cartridges online.

OfficeMax also saves $30 off HP Toner cartridges when items worth $200 are bought in-store or 2 or more HP toner cartridges are bought online.

Still printing in Draft mode? You don’t have to with HP Ink Coupons 2013

A person can save greatly on HP ink cartridges with the use of coupons. Depending on how heavy you print (printing images or multiple pages), you can save more when buying in bulk. A 10% discount means you save $1.30 on a single cartridge. In a year, you can save more than $30 on ink using this coupon.

Shopping at OfficeMax gives you great deals with $15 discounts. This can mean around $180 in savings if you have a year’s supply of coupons.