Create your own stuffed animals with Build a Bear Printable Coupons 2013

Every child is simply delighted in creating personalized stuffed animals – and some parents cringe every time their children reach for rather pricey animals or accessories. But not the smart parents;they know that their kids love Build a Bear and are prepared to give their children a fun time while saving money in the process by using coupons.

Build a Bear printable coupons 2013: A coupon for everyone

Once your child has finished customizing her precious toy animal, it’s time to hand over your coupon to the staff. See other parents turn green with envy as you pay less than they do.

Enjoy a few dollars off of your purchase when you have your coupon. It could be anywhere from $1 to $10 or more in savings.

Some coupons happen to contain free accessories or free clothes for your tiny little tot’s toy tiger. So when you see these coupons, hang on to them as they sure are keepers.

Double check your coupons to see if it will be honored in the nearest Build a Bear Workshop nearest

Build a Bear printable coupons 2013 says “It’s time to build that precious keepsake”.

The first thing to do when collecting Build a Bear coupons is to take a view in our coupons list or also sign up for the newsletter. The latest coupons, promos and deals are all being sent via email. Also, you would have to “Like”Build-A-Bear Facebook page and get coupon updates as well as photos of cute little stuffed baby animals on your newsfeed (yes, you would have to do this if you would like your child and yourself to be happy at Build a Bear).

And to push it even further, download the Build a Bear mobile app and take these updates with you everywhere you go.

Check out magazines to see coupons for Build a Bear. Parents and Woman’s Day contain tear out inserts for these stores.

All the stuffed animals for your kids with Build a Bear printable coupons 2013

Before trekking over to malls and enteringBuild-A-Bear workshops, arm yourself with a $5 Build a Bear Coupon to get instant $5 off of your total bill (provided you have spent $25 or more).If your total bill reached $30 or more, you can enjoy $10 off.

You can also get free accessories (up to $5 worth) coupon, free outfit coupons (up to $10.50 worth) and free animal coupons (up to $12 worth).

Visit workshops in the summer and receive a free beach towel with a purchase of $30 or more.

Build a Bear printable coupons 2013 help you buy cheap but meaningful gifts.

Parents remember their childhoods when their parents won’t let them have some creative fun just because it is costly. Today, they know this will never happen to their kids because they are smart coupon holders. Those $5 discounts every time you visit Build-A-Bear are always big deals – especially if your kids are bear collectors. This coupon can help you save $20 to $60 yearly, depending how many kids you have and how often you visit the workshop. Free accessories coupons can easily let you save around $4.50 a visit, or $36 annually.